Incompatibility highlight in edit view suggestion

Hi! Just wanted to suggest to please push the red incompatibility highlight to some units above the bounding box, instead of overlaying it with the zone, which is then hard to see. It also scales differently, which makes it even more fun:


Would also be cool to be able to turn it off — sometimes masters are not supposed to be compatible, either at all or just during the process.

You can disable it. From a previous answer by Georg:

“Glyphs 3 changes the default that it always checks for compatibility between masters, if you actually interpolate or not. You can add a custom parameter “Enforce Compatibility Check” and disable it (in Font Info > Font > Custom Parameters).”

Oh cool, didn’t see this one when was searching, thank you!
But regarding its position is still relevant :slight_smile:

The red bar is supposed to be annoying :wink:

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Sure, but now it forces to double-triple check overshoots, unless you fix compatibility, which may have a lower priority on the list. In other words, “annoying” should notify, but not get in the way, don’t you think so?

And if it was a few units higher, that would still be pretty annoying :smiley:

You still should see the round badge behind the notes that indicate if the nodes are in the zone or not.

Yep, but it doesn’t indicate where it sits on that zone. For example, on the second screenshot it seems like the node is somewhere in the middle of the zone, and that changes with every zoom level, triggering to check it every time.

So perhaps even drawing it at the top of the zone, instead of the box, would make it easier to see, with pretty much the same functionality.