Incompatible Handles

Hey everyone, I just recently got Glyphs and dang I’m hooked.

I have a font (creating a variable font) and all is working well, except one of my curved paths is causing a compatibility issue. After experimenting I found that it is caused by there being 5 bezier handles on the thin line and only 4 on the black version.

When I delete one from the thin master, everything is fine.

How can I fix this by preferably not deleting a handle on the thin line? I tried Shift + Option + V but that only adds handles to straight lines, and not curves.

What are your ideas/suggestions? I have exhausted all my ideas sofar and have not been able to fix it :confused:

I couldn’t add images for some reason

That means you are using TrueType curves. Those are a bit tricky to edit (simple things like adding nodes and handles is difficult mathematically).
I would suggest to convert the curves to cubic (in Path > Other > Convert to Cubic). Then you can use the pen tool to add and the select tool to remove nodes.


@GeorgSeifert omg it worked like a charm - thank you dude. You saved my life