Incompatible master detection not working in Font view

In the latest beta (Version 1.4.3 (559)) I’m not seeing glyphs with incompatible masters being highlighted in the Font view.

I noticed this when the RMX Scaler was crashing Glyphs when I tried to run it on glyphs with incompatible masters.

The filter for incompatible masters doesn’t work for me any more either.

Do you have instances set, at least one in between? Glyphs will not warn you if you are not interpolating and only exporting masters.

I had 2 instances but no intermediate ones, thanks for the tip.

The Incompatible Master filter doesn’t seem to do anything though. Is there a trick to that too?

You need to add a interpolating instance. Then the markers and the filter will work again.

Markers are working, filter is not.

Since there are reasons to have compatible masters (other than interpolated instance), can you explain why an interpolated instance is needed to get this feature to work?


If you are not interpolating, your masters can be incompatible. Some people prefer to work like this, effectively keeping two fonts in one.

Which other reason besides interpolation is there for master compatibility?

For one, RMX is crashing Glyphs when I try and run it on in incompatible masters

That, to me, is rather a reason for a bugfix in either the app or the plugin, not for requiring users to keep masters compatible. And it is irrelevant to someone who does not want to interpolate in the first place.

What is the problem with creating an instance if you want to interpolate anyway?

Ok, please consider it a request for a bugfix for the crash and one for the filter.

I still don’t understand why, when I’ve chosen

View > Show Master Compatibility (Ctrl-Cmd-Opt-N)

that I don’t see master compatibility in the Font view. The guidebook doesn’t mention the need for an intermediate instance, so it is a bit of a hidden requirement.

This only activates the colored outlines in edit mode. Has nothing to do with the incompatibility marker in font view.

Can you explain how it


It seems like they are closely related. They are even mentioned together in the guidebook.

Well they are related insofar as being about point compatibility, but he means that particular menu item does not turn on and off the particular visual indicator you’re looking for (the one in the font window).