Incompatible Masters - blue nodes not moving

Hi guys, I’m having issues with my incompatible masters. I’ve gone through and checked number of anchors and their arms, they’re the same throughout. I’m able to modify the GREEN line, as it’s attached to the first node. I’ve gone through all of this article and downloaded the Harbortype plugins… I’m just so lost as to why it’s showing this many lines that are completely immovable. Any tips are welcome, I am a beginner… is this a necessary step for a variable typeface? Willing to try just about anything. Thanks!

The wild mix of lines indicates that the points of the different masters are not ordered the same. A good first fix is to apply PathCorrect Path Direction for all Masters (hold down the Option key when the Path menu is open or press Command-Option-Shift-R).

Didn’t do much of anything unfortunately… kind of straightened some things out. I’m noticing that it’s connecting anchor points to handles. I’ve made sure there’s the same amount of points on each master

Start the Plugin Manager from the Window menu (G2 here), search and download the ‘Optimize Start Nodes’ plugin, then run it on each instance of ‘C’.

If this doesn’t help, go to each ‘C’, select the same (corner) node and use ‘Make Node First’ from the right-click menu.

Can you show a screenshot of each masters?


it made me upload each separately sorry !

The lower terminal in the second image has two off-curve handles. These are not in the first and third master and thus the masters are incompatible. Consider removing the two handles on the second master.

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You could have spotted that because of the highlighted red segment in first screenshot.