Incorrect properties for Shan characters

I think glyphData has incorrect properties some Shan characters.

These are all spacing characters (using my naming scheme)

1084 aeSign-myanmar
1062 shortAa-shan
1083 longAa-shan
1087 tone2-shan
1088 tone3-shan
1089 tone5-shan
108A tone6-shan

thore as defined a “Spacing Combining” as suggested by the Unicode category.

Right. But with default properties in Glyphs they get no advance width (on export)

Can you send me that font?

I’ve fixed the problem manually already. This is why I prefer to set all glyph properties manually in every font.

But it should be correct in the GlyphData. And if I add a glyph e-shan (uni1084), it will keep its width on export. When you use your own names, what category/subcategory do you get by default?

This is what happens if I add 1084 to a new font

Screenshot 2022-12-10 at 08.50.07

It doesn’t want to be a mark

EDIT actually I don’t understand what ‘Spacing Combining’ means as a subcategory. I didn’t think Unicode properties were relevant here. I always use just ‘letter’ and ‘spacing’ and the fonts turn out correctly.

The difference between “Letter” and “Mark/Spacing Combining” is mostly where the glyph is put in font view.

Ah right, that info doesn’t determine GDEF or get translated into the exported fonts at all?

I always write my own glyphOrder anyway, since I don’t find the separation of letters/marks/other stuff useful. I keep each script in a continuous block in alphabetic order.