Incorrect stroke thickness

Hi everyone

I am trying to create a typeface (TrueType format) that has a stroke thickness of 1.162 pt at a size of 16.3 pt. Exporting the outlines from Illustrator the result so far has been just a tiny fraction (at 1.091 pt) short of the desired thickness. Questions:

  1. Why is this happening?
  2. Am I trying too hard to achieve the correct thickness when it’s not really visible on a smaller scale?
  3. Am I using the wrong measurements for TrueType?

How did you calculate the stroke thickness you used for your outlines in Glyphs?

You could calculate the perceptual difference and apply that to the UPM. Or scale the outlines accordingly.

And why do you need this scpeific numbers?

Hi Georg, thanks for the comment. I think I found the reason (feeling pretty stupid): I didn’t adjust the height after outlining the strokes. That created the difference in thickness :frowning: