InDesign Font detection problem

I have the latest Adobe CC, and I’m exporting my fonts (as .otf) from Glyphs into the “Application Support/Adobe/Fonts”.

Only Illustrator can see these fonts, Photoshop and most importantly InDesign can’t recognize any of these fonts!!?

Any idea?

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Did you create the folder just recently? Was InDesign running while you created it? Then restart InDesign (better your Mac) once. InDesign checks at startup if the folder is present and contains fonts. Only then will it autoactivate fonts put into the folder.

Thanks man!, I haven’t created it, I tried all kind of restartings, I tried copying other fonts into the fonts folder, no luck, only Illustrator is watching and reading the folder, InDesign, Photoshop are in LaLa land, :frowning:

I think I need to contact the freakin Adobe guys!

Make sure it is really /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts (system-wide) and not ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts (user-specific).

What may help is:

  • emptying out and repopulating the Fonts folder
  • deleting InD prefs (hold shift-ctrl-alt-cmd at startup)
  • uninstalling and reinstalling InD (via the CC app)

Thanks a lot, yes dear the problem was that I was using the user’s Library, Actually there wasn’t a “Fonts” folder in the Sys/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts, I have created it, and now it works :smiley:

Vielen vielen dank!

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Just to make sure: You mean /Library/..., not /System/Library..., right?

Yes right, I meant the system-wide library, “sys” I used it for reference I know it’s wrong as a “path” sorry. and Thanks again.

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