InDesign rasterization glitch

I’m getting a weird rasterization error in a single weight of a single glyph (see /d in attached) when I view it onscreen in InDesign. It prints out fine. The glitch doesn’t appear onscreen in Illustrator, or in any other app I’ve tried. It looks fine in Glyphs preview panel.
I can find anything wrong with the outlines. (FYI, it’s an open corner w/ an overlap.) Have you ever seen anything like this?


That is, I can’t find anything wrong with the outlines. Sorry.

It might be a hinting problem. Do you see the glitch in all sizes?

Can you send me the .glyphs and the .otf file.

The glitch comes and goes. If I delete and reenter the character, it sometimes goes away for awhile, but generally comes back. Size doesn’t seem to matter.

I’ll send the files. Many thanks!

Could be the display performance :rolling_eyes:

try using the high quality display

Thanks, but I’m using High Quality.