Indispensable custom parameters?

Hi there,

Is there a list of indispensable custom parameters? These are the ones I am using. Am I missing anything?




I just set the ones I need. I hardly ever use fsType and unicodeRanges, for instance.

good question

Yes, but nobody seems to be sharing much about it :anguished:

my master custom parameters are the same us yours, Master and Instance: 3517

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There are no custom parameters that are always needed. So there is not much to share. Some are more common to be included. For fonts with more then one master, you most likely need an ‘Axes’ parameter.
‘License’ and ‘licenseURL’ are useful.
I don’t think the ‘weightClass’ parameter should be on the short list. It is only needed if the setting from the popup are not enough (that means there are a lot instances).

Most others solve specific problems. So if you don’t have a problem to solve, you don’t need to bother with the parameters.

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