Inflection points

Hey, I’ve read different opinions about inflection points and was wondering what’s the best practice in a script.
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Is it better to have or not to have inflection points?

They are not needed.

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Many thanks Georg!

This is good news, as I prefer to have the cleaner paths. But, if they are not needed, why are they flagged as problems in “show red arrows”? Are there instances where it does matter?

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The main argument against inflection points in the creation process is that the unnecessarily complicate interpolation, because they are likely to cause kinks.

Inflection points used to be important for early renderers, but have not been an issue in a long time. If you require them for a specific purpose, I suggest you add them automatically at export with a custom parameter in Font Info > Instances.

BTW you can adjust the settings for the Red Arrows plug-in, and choose what it shows you.


There are some edge cases when you have an inflection at almost flat paths or very close to the oncurve points. Then it is good to know. But maybe the red arrow plugin should have yellow arrows for warnings and red for errors?


Thanks for the explanation Rainer Erich and Georg.
Have a great weekend!

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