Info Panel Template


Is there any way to save a custom template when entering typeface details that my be repeated into the info panel of a new typeface.


I’d also like to see non-Latin glyphs in the dimensions pane there, and Latin small caps.

I can add a different view per script. So if you send me a sketch that show what glyph and what measurements it should show, I can add that easily.
Totally custom views are a bit more difficult. what would you like to see?

Here’s what would be helpful for Thai and Burmese.

Small caps could be the same measurements as caps.

I thought a workaround for small cap measurements would be appending them to the cap measurements (e.g. “108/96”) but those fields only accept single numbers, not text strings more generously. I even tried 108.96 but it rounded that to 109! Is the idea of that restriction that these fields are, or might be, used beyond their role as informational labels?

as I need to touch the code anyway, I change that it allows strings.

Bendy, can you recommend a Burmese font? The system fonts don’t seem the be nice.

Or provide one of yours, @Bendy :smile:

I’ll make those two glyphs for Burmese, it’ll be a day or two :smile: