Inheriting cell colors

Can a feature be added to inherit cell colors when a glyph is being added to replace an existing one? This would be most helpful when adding a large number of glyphs with different colors.

Hmmm. A script for saving and reapplying colors could do the job.

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So you copy glyphs from one font to the other? With Paths Special? What are your settings?

Not from one font to another. In the situation where I thought of this I had added another font with more accented glyphs to the font I was working on so ended up with many empty glyphs. After completing the work necessary to complete the empty accented glyphs, Add Glyphs was the quickest way to fill them but in using that feature it erased the colors which the empty cells already had.

So you use “Add Glyphs” to add components? Why not “Glyph > Make Component Glyph”?

I didn’t try it because I was doing them in a batch; will give it a try later today.

You can select several glyphs in font view and run it for all of them.

I just tried it and it works great. I had always thought of that command as a one-glyph operation. So no need for the feature I asked about. Thanks for your help!