Insert inflections threshold

would it be a bad idea to have a threshold for the insert inflections? if you draw a just sublty s-curved stem with vertical handles at the extremes, but their OCP only a few units apart, you might not want an inflection, since it would produce a kink in the curve.

this is not a big issue, maybe the skript might be better applied to selected portions of a path instead?

I think about it.

thanks. and as usual: just my to cents. open for other opinions.

Mark, are you talking about the Insert Inflections plugin?

yeap :slight_smile: btw: i don’t know where to put questions concerning the external scripts other than here. so if you have a better idea. maybe directly on github?

If you make clear what it is about, the forum is fine. If it is clearly a bug, GitHub is probably better.

good call

This functionality is already built into Glyphs. Shift-click with the Pen tool (P) close to an inflection. The plugin is intended for automating that functionality.

interesting, i was just aware of the extremepoint-shift-click. cool!