Install Glyphs Remotely

I’ve been following the tutorial “Install Glyphs for All Users” as i’m trying to install Glyphs remotely for some of our users.

When I install the license, I get a dialog box saying that the license has installed successfully which I have to dismiss in the Finder and if I install from the command line I get the following message:
2015-11-12 16:43:44.913 Glyphs[2765:82511] JSTalk listening on port com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs2.JSTalk

Is there a method of installing it silently so that I don’t get these messages and can script the installation

Many thanks

You can ignore the message.

i probably didn’t make myself clear here, I’m trying to script the installation, so it’s not possible to ignore as JSTalk is waiting on some form of input and the script is waiting for that to complete.

Anyway i’ve got round it by copying the plist file into the root library folder as mentioned in a previous forum post

thanks for your help anyway

No, you are running the application at that moment. You only need to do that for a short moment, for acknowledging the license registration. Simply stop the process after a few seconds.

There is a command line option to disable and dialogs: add ‘-disableUI 1’ before the license file path.

Thats just what i was looking for

perfect it worked a treat

many thanks for your help