Instance.generate and hinting

I started using the “Export and Install” plugin, but am experiencing problems. The existing font was deleted but the replacement is not generated. It appears the default script wants to generate an .otf, and it was throwing an uncatched hinting error. I started troubleshooting the script and found that Auto Hinting was throwing an error for the Lbelt character.

When I do a File/Export to .ttf with Auto Hinting (or script Format=TTF) I don’t get an error, but I do get the Lbelt error when I export to .otf. I attempted to follow the hinting guide, opened the Lbelt and right clicked to Autohint. However, that doesn’t seem to change the result. I’m probably not understanding the process.

As an aside, the Export and Install script doesn’t rename the replacement font with a time/date stamp. I’m assuming that it might be because I don’t have the right options on the instance.generate call


Other than manual hinting the entire font (the guide implies it’s all or nothing with Auto Hint) what are my options if I want to use hinting?