Instance.generate Error

This code is not working in the latest stable version 2.5.1(1141) but works in the latest “Cutting Edge” version

cf = Glyphs.font
for instance in cf.instances:
	if is True:

Any workaround to make it (temporarily) work in the stable version?

Pffff… which error do you get?

The difference between the stable and cutting edge is very small. So I don’t see why you need to use the stable version.

 File "GlyphsApp/GlyphsApp/", line 3728, in __Instance_Export__

TypeError: 'NSKVONotifying_GSFont' object is not callable

The previous code in my first message works fine in 2.4.4 (1075) and in latest 2.5.2(1143)

Seems to break something related to Devanagari and anchors that worked with the previous stable version. I don’t know the details, but a report is on its way if you didn’t get it yet. So that’s the reason why we’ve to stick in the stable.
When working in a team with complex stuff we have to find a way of working together as smoothly as we can, and we’ve realized different people working with different versions of the app in the same project is not a good idea. I don’t know other teams experience but that’s ours.

I there is really some bug I need to know about this.

The person who found out will contact, I’ve no idea otherwise I would have given the details.