Instance preview in Glyphs 3?

Has the instance preview gone in Glyphs 3 or am I missing something (would be “Export preview” now, of course)?
I think it is crucial to have a a live preview of the instance/export while I am playing around with the numbers and, unfortunately, the preview bar does not update while I am in the Font Info dialog, and it does not even update once I click onto the edit view. I need to re-size the preview bar or modify a contour to trigger the update. Any chance this could be fixed?


It has been on our list, but not with the highest priority.

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Please make it a priority. It’s an important feature.

I fixed the updating of the instance preview when changing values in Font Info.

I am not sure I understand. I see no Instance Preview at all in the Export section, why are you talking about ‘updating’ it if there is not such preview.

I mean that at least the preview below the edit view would update when the instance settings are changed.

Then please restore the Instance Preview in the Export section as soon as you can. Upgrading to 3 shouldn’t mean losing good features.

If the preview bar updates instantly then that’s probably even more convenient than having it in the Font Info dialog. Looking forward to trying it out.

Possible trick to get even closer to the previous feature: In the preview bar, auto-select the instance that is currently active in the Font Info. Could be quite neat!

Like the “currently active master” is a semi-global concept, so could be the “current instance”.

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At least for previewing just axis value changes (no filters/custom parameters), I wrote a script for this, you can also then insert the respective values as an instance or intermediate layer: