Instance selector popup

I just send a crash report about a crash when using the instance selector pop-up in the preview area.
In Glyphs 2 I get in this popup the complete style designation, preceded by the Family name (which may be a custom parameter in the instance definition).
In Glyphs 3 this is without the family name, and if the export name is long, only the start of it. If the export name is short, it is followed by (null).
There is also an eye in every entry. I suppose it is intended to show which exports are active. Many exports are not active in the file I looked at, but all eyes are black.

3033 on Catalina

Can you try in 3048? This should be fixed already.

OK. I updated to 3033 in this morning and to 3048 in the afternoon. The names in the pop-up are OK. But the eye is still not distinguishing between active and non-active exports. But maybe that is not the purpose of the eye.

In G2 when the text in the preview fits generously it is stable in the middle with white space left and right. In G3 the preview jumps around from left to right, depending which glyph is selected in the editor. Also when the preview area is resized the text may jump from one side to the other.