Instances interpolation changing font height when exported

Hi! I’m struggling with the exporting of a variable font of mine with two axes (weight and width). One of the axes is always bugging in the interpolation, sometimes it’s the height of the more extended one, sometimes it extrapolates the design of the condensed. I already tried lots of sequences of the masters but I never get it right. How could I successfully export it in a VF? The strange thing is that on Glyphs preview it doesn’t report this.

Can you post a list of your master coordinates? Do you have a rectangular design space (corresponding masters on all other axes for every coordinate on every axis)?

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I’m sorry, I didn’t get what is a rectangular design space, but I’m attaching my font info, I hope it helps

I admit I struggled finding even remotely appropriate words for describing a rectangular design space.

In a bit more detail:
Think of your masters as coordinates on a grid. This grid has as many dimensions as you have axes in your font. In your case, you have two axes, meaning you have a two-dimensional design space – a rectangle. You need one master on every corner of this rectangle. And for every master you add on one axis, you need another master to correspond to it on your other axis.

What this means in your case:
You have a Regular master, at your highest width, but in between the two weight extremes. Your Regular master is sitting on the edge of your design space, between your two weight masters, but on only one side of your width masters.

Long story short, what you need to do is add another corresponding master in between your width masters, at the same weight coordinate as your Regular master (50). You call it Compressed Regular (or just Compressed).

Good news: You don’t need to draw it from scratch, you can simply go to your Exports tab, make an instance with the respective coordinates, then click the + button in the bottom left and select “instance as master”. This will add the master. Note that alternate and intermediate layers will not be added automatically.

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It worked! Thank you so much for the help and quick response :slight_smile: Now I get that I have to have the same amount of masters to each axe so they can correspond to each other