Instances preview problem

I have weird previews since the last update. Everything was working just fine then I have those problems previewing instances : I already checked that masters are compatibles + making it on every glyphs and every fonts :frowning2:
Can I solve this problem ? Thanks a lot

Seems like you are previewing an extrapolation, not interpolations. Check your interpolation settings please. They seem to be the same in all instances, and they seem to be outside the design space defined by the masters.

Thanks a lot for the answer.
I keep don’t understand, mostly because I used the same parameters for weeks and it didn’t do anything wrong…
So if it’s an extrapolation, how did I manage to switch it in the first place ?

Qu’est-ce que sont les nombres des Graisses dans les masters? Le Light Master moins de 120, et le Bold Master plus de 120? Et Chasse toujours 100?

Chasse are always “100”

For the masters
graisse are :
Light : 12
Bold : 146

For the instances
graisse are :
Hair : 12
Thin : 25
Light : 50
Regular : 85
Medium : 110
Bold : 146

Here is a screen from an other font with the exact same value, but the preview is working !

Please send me the file, via DM or at support (at) (this website without www).

Your masters were set up for two axes, because you had Custom set to different values. And your instances were placed next to the direct line between the two masters, because in the instances, all Custom values are zero.

Set Custom to zero in all masters, and it works.