Instances Preview

I’ve two masters: the first one is regular (weight 85) and the second one is “bold” (weight 245). I’m a little confused: as showed in the pic above, when I add an instance, with an interpolation value, in my case between 85 and 245, the app does not display the font preview with the letter n. Someone could tell me why?

Thnk u

Most likely reason: not compatible. Read this:

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Thank u! But one more thing.

Glyphs should also display all the instances in the layer panel (if i’m right), but for some reason, i’ve two “blank” layers between the two masters. Why?

No. Instances are not displayed in the Layers. Layers are to draw on, so they are for masters. You can see instances in the preview area at the bottom (click on the eye symbol in the bottom left).

The Layers in your screenshot have empty names. Simply select them and delete them with the minus button.

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