Insufficient Unicode digits in Service

When I convert a glyph name using system service (outside Glyphsapp), it seems to trim to four digits, meaning I cannot convert glyph name to the Unicode character when the target has five digits (e.g. nice name of a glyph that has u+1158E is converted to character with value u+158E).

Fixed it.

Do you mean, in the latest beta? It still processes character codes as 4 digit.

You are right. There was another issue. I fixed it.

Thanks. I was hoping that this would change the internal behaviour too, but it still seems to confuse within the app.

In my case, I am working on a script called Siddham (starting from u+11580), and Glyphs sometimes thinks it’s Canadian Syllables (u+1401–1676) character because of the missing first digit. Probably because of this, I cannot kern these letters. Could you have another look at this?

Can you explain where that happens?

It’s kinda random. I’ll get in touch in person.

This should be fixed now.