Intermediates in VF with Component Glyphs

For variable fonts, I’ve noticed a problem arises in the following situation:

If I have a glyph, e.g. “E”, and in /E I have some intermediate masters (e.g. {100,100}, {100,200}). I then use it as a component in /AE which is composed of paths and the component /E. If I don’t generate those intermediate master layers ({100,100}, {100,200}) from /E in /AE (even though I wouldn’t change anything), Glyphs app fails to pick up those intermediate layers.

I wonder if it’s worth letting Glyphs App – at export – automatically adding those intermediate masters? Since adding manually in the file is just making room for error as it’s easy to propogate changes made in the main masters. Or would this complicate the designspace in a way that needs to be manually addressed?