Interpolate Glyphs?

Wondering what the best way to do this type of process would be:

I’m drawing a glyph and trying to find the ideal version of it, there are 2 extremes, or ‘masters’ and I would like to go between instances and find an optimum. Currently I create a new master out of the current (or if I already am working in a font with masters, I actually have to delete the others and start again) and then change the glyph I want interpolated so that only the character that I edit will change.

Wondering if theres a way to script it where instead, a specified number of instances as glyph.001, .002, .003 etc will be created evenly between 2 glyphs – currently this is how FontForge works.


Another solution might be even better for what you want to achieve: Put one of the two extremes in the background layer, then use Filter > Transformations > Background to blend it in. I do this quite a lot.

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Wow, thanks Tim, I had no idea about this!