Interpolate Nudge: scale handle length when moving node

Dear Community,

I’m in the process of switching from Robofont to Glyphs and try to find back few functions I’m used to work with.

The “scaling edit” tool by Klaavo was a great help:

When moving oncurve points, offcurve points are scaled in relation to neighboring oncurve points.

Moving oncurve points with his tool activated would allow me to, for instance, make a “light” glyph “bolder” quickly (for sketching purposes) without having to necessarily adjust all handles afterwards.

Does this function / shortcut / script exist for

Many thanks

Ctrl + alt (+ shift) is your friend. :smile:


@Bendy wow, thanks! That was easy!

My fingers are pretty much glued to those keys :smile:

Take a look at the short tutorial videos on the Get Started page. The shortcuts are shown in the Drawing Paths video.