Interpolate side bearings of brace layers

I saw some solutions as I searched, but couldn’t get a clear grasp…

I have brace layers, e.g. the /f, and while the function of changing the glyph shape works, the interpolation of side-bearings doesn’t.

In other words, the brace /f does have the interpolated metrics at first for the side bearings, but if I change the spacing on the other two masters, the brace /f doesn’t update the metrics unless I tell it to re-interpolate… but when I do that, I lose the glyph shape that I’ve tweaked, as it reverts back to the original shape. (The side bearings all have the same metric keys.)

Is there anyway to update/reinterpolate the brace layer metrics only?

…just giving this a bump again to see if maybe any insights. Of course, I can mathematically figure out the new brace layer metrics if there’s no easier function/command.


That is currently not possible. That would be a good task for a scrip.

Or, if you can use metrics keys, those are interpolated. So if you drawing an “e” and link it to the “o”, then updating the metrics will use the interpolated values.

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Thanks for the reply Georg, yes, agree about the script.

You’re right, I did notice where glyphs like o and e did interpolate the metrics automatically after I made changes to the other masters sidebearings… but my f doesn’t share metric keys with any other glyphs, so it doesn’t work there… I’ll just have to be watchful and tweak those sibebearings manually.

Just saw the blog post for 2.6 and noticed this:

  1. The Layers palette now has an option called Re-interpolate Metrics, and it does what it says. It leaves paths, anchors and components alone, but updates LSB and RSB in the selected layer(s).

Haven’t updated yet, but does this actually solve it (assuming this works for brace layers and glyphs without shared metrics keys)? I know I’ll have to try for myself still.

Really appreciate all your guys support and continual improvements!

Try and see if it fits your purpose. :wink:

Yeah, tried it shortly after posting… no go for this case. Was hoping it just took care of it with the new update :slight_smile: thanks.

It’s easy enough to figure out the updated metrics. The trick is just need to remember to do so manually if changes are made. Automatic updating for those would be handy. But not a big deal if I just stay on top of it.

Metric keys should work.

What exactly is not working? What would you expect? Can you send me the file?

Sorry for any confusion.

Basically, when I hit re-interpolate metrics (after I’ve made changes to the side bearings in one of the masters) for the brace layer, I’m wanting it to keep the drawing I’ve adjusted and only update the side bearings. But it reverts the drawing back also to the original, re-interpolated state.

This only happens on brace layers without shared metrics keys for the side bearings, as we mentioned. If they are shared with another glyph, I don’t have to do anything when I make changes to the masters metrics, as the brace layers update automatically.

Let me know if that helps… if not, I’ll be happy to send the file.

Thanks and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

I just saw that the menu was wrongly connected. It was calling the ‘re-interpolate’ function instead. I fixed it.

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Ah, got it. Thanks Georg!