Interpolated Nudge


is there a way, to get this incredibly useful script working in Glyphs?
The installation routine is taylored for FontLab, so the folders to copy the files to do not exist in the Glyphs-library. I tried to copy them to the Glyphs’ script folder, but with no luck.

some help would be so much appreciated


It will not work out of the box. it needs to be ported. I will have a look at it.


Any progress on this? I don’t wish to sound inpatient or truculent, just curious on progress. The interpolated nudge tool and The Font Remix tools are the only things I miss from my current Fontlab workflow.




Georg implemented the funktion straight into the editing tool of the latest update. just hit ctrl+opt before dragging a point. totally awesome …

best wishes,

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This is great news. Thanks, I’ve been playing around with it. Does it only allow allow a single point at a time to be “nudged”? I cannot get Glyphs to respond when I select multiple nodes.

I will have a look at it.