Interpolated position of anchor and pins are not being updated in the exported interpolated font!

I am trying to interpolate between bold and semibold and create a black master… though the interpolated value of anchors position of any glyph rightly shown in Anchors & Pins panel…but after export, the values are not updated with the new interpolated font, it remains same like the bold one… Please help me…

Either your master/instance setup is not correct or you have a cont cache problem:

Bold and Semibold are typically very close in weight and Black is frequently the boldest weight in a family. Are you sure you are not trying to extrapolate? Glyphs cannot do that, and I don’t know of a font editor that can.

Sorry my mistake…but every thing is correct…and the anchor and pins are not correctly positioned in the exported instance font…it remains same like one of the masters…

You can extrapolate just fine when you export single instances. Variable fonts don’t support extrapolation.

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Thanks. I learned something I was not aware of. Something awesome!