Interpolating Regular master to compress master for a narrow style?

Hi! I am working in a font family.

I have created two masters Regular style and Regular extended style. Now I am about to start the compressed style and here is my doubt. I would like to generate a narrow instance style in between, It could be possible to interpolate the regular and compressed masters to achieve that right? In case is it possible (I guess there is a way to do that) what are the steps?

Thanks in advance!

You can extrapolate the condensed style; it will look ugly and need a lot of corrections of course, but it will be a good first step. Better way to prepare it is with RMX tools, btw.

Otherwise, just duplicate your normal master, call it condensed, give it an appropriate width coordinate, and when you go through the glyphs, right click on the Condensed Layer and and choose Re-Interpolate.

I see! That looks great! I’ll give it a try!

Than you @mekkablue


Make an instance at the extrapolation coordinate and form the + button in the lower left of the instance settings pick “Instance as Master”. Then what mekkablue said.

Okay, now this makes more sense to me. I’ll purchase the plugin and definitely check it out! Looks super! :slight_smile: