Interpolating rounded corners (again)

I realise it’s been discussed multiple times in the past but am wondering may be i’m missing something…
When I’m trying to interpolate a rounded corner with straight segments attached to both sides - it works fine (for example for letters I, L, E etc)
But if it is A, V, X etc - everything goes wrong.

Applying Rounded Corners filter on export is not an options as I have letters such as C, G and S that doesn’t need the corners to be rounded

Any way to exclude letters within the filter settings? Any other way to make the process simpler?

This are kinks. There are two options
Use the exclude/include argument on the round corner filter. Or use corner components to place the rounds. That gives you much more control as you can decide on the radius and what corners to round.

Thank you Georg!
Can you advice on the exclude/include syntax for Rounded corners filter?

It will take some time to understand how the corner component works… Do I need to set anchor points?
Here is the corner (set for 3 weights)

and here is the outline

If I select the top left anchor and choose Add corner, it doesn’t do the job. I know I’m missing something really simple - never worked with corner components before.

The corner should sit around the origin point. There is a tutorial about the detail. The include/exclude syntax is explained in the Handbook.

I’ve found the exclude/include, thanks Georg.

I’ve seen the tutorial and the section in the Handbook but still do no understand what i’m doing wrong. What does “sit around” mean in this case? Where is the problem - in the corner itself or the point where i’m trying to attach it? I know it’s a dummy question…

Figured :slight_smile:
The key thing is the path’s coordinates (in the corner component)

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