Interpolation by shape


I’m creating a variable font right now out of two masters, which are quite different from each other.
I’m very new to glyphs so I might have done everything about it wrong already.

Here’s an example of how the letters look like and I need them exactly like that, at different places and sizes.

What export parametrs should i put in? How do I need to change masters’ metrics if it is hardly possible to appply standart metrics to them (by which the masters are supposed to change)?

When I export the file as variable It doesn’t show interpolation bar in Adobe programms.
The preview of the font is also just one master, not two. Guess, the reason is in generating instances, layers and exporting parameters.

Can you help with the Exports tab to generate different instances and just make it work with letters like “A” and “a” at least. - here is a link to my file. I’m using Glyphs 3 version.

Thanks a lot!

The masters need to have different values in the Axis position field.