Interpolation/export issues causing distorted curves/corners in 2.4.1

Is anyone noticing issues with interpolations and exports in the latest version of Glyphs (2.4.1)? I am interpolating some weights based on my 3 masters and am starting to get a few deformed corners and curves. These corners have been perfectly fine until what appears to be the most recent Glyphs update.

Corners of a glyph opened from a couple month old Glyph file, now exporting with distortion:

In general, I am noticing strange behavior with either interpolations or exports. Take parenthesis for example, If I draw the top half of the shape, copy, paste, flip then join to create the full shape of the parenthesis. The interpolated weights aren’t symmetric and often slightly distorted.

Parenthesis reflected then laid over one another in Illustrator:

I also posted another issue about anchors which also seems to be an issue with the latest version:

I haven’t seen issues like this in the 600+ hours I have into this project and am feeling like I’m losing my mind as I’m going through my final review and these issues are starting to occur.

How can I rollback to a previous version of Glyphs? I tried the URL and others but am not having any luck. Is there a new process for rolling back?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Could you send me a sample font that contains one glyph that shows the problem? Send it by email to support at this domain.

I just sent my files over.

In packaging up my files I have further narrowed down the problem. I just realized my recent files are in TTF format. This is why I haven’t seen these issues before. OTF exports work like a charm and is what I have been testing with until recent. So please take a look at the TTFs I sent over, they seem to be the culprit for both the curve/corner issues and even the anchor misalignment on renamed Glyphs.

Thank you!

Did you send the .glyphs files too? In TT conversion, this could be caused by the BCP positions. Did you have zero handles in the path?

Your curves have (probably unintentional) inflections, because the outer handles are extremely short:

This makes TT conversion difficult. Use the Tunnify script or Fit Curve. You may need to adjust the angle of the outer handles.

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These are all good points and the visual is helpful. It does look like I have too short of handles near the corners. I will have to review my TTFs closer. That’s interesting that TTF renders differently than OTF. I’ll try Tunnify or Fit Curve.