Interpolation in design space

Hello, I am new to font production in Glyphs app. According to this article

Blockquote In order to generate the in-between weights (extralight, light, and medium), I made interpolation tests. I did all of the drawing of the thin, book, and bold in Fontlab and then used Robofab (python-enabled Fontlab) to generate UFO masters (Unified Font Objects). Then I opened the UFOs in Prepolator to make sure all of my characters were interpolatable and used Superpolator to do the actual interpolation. Finally, I re-imported the UFOs back into Fontlab and checked each glyph for errors. It’s a lot of steps, but it’s superior to using either the Multiple Master or ‘blend’ action within Fontlab because it’s much more flexible and precise, capable of generating instances that require minimal redrawing.

This seems like a lot of steps, but I don’t have access to all these applications. I like how Superpolator Video gives a visual graph so you can pick where in design space you want an instance. Can Glyphs do this also?

I hope to determine my ideal book weight, and width proportions. Can I use Glyphs App to generate instance along certain axis’s, such as weight and width, or finding best x-height in relation to em space/body height. Where can i find any info on this?


Yes you can! Check the tutorial about variable fonts.

And also check out the multiple master tutorials.