Interpolation is showing the same weight over all instances

Hey guys, do you know why my instances are all referring to the same weight (bold) from the masters? I just discovered it this morning, I only recall that I reopened it in 2.2 version and saved it from there. It seems it’s ignoring the masters for all instances in the 2.3 version. Any idea? thank you

How did you set up your masters?
It is very likely that there is something wrong with the “Interpolation” values of your instances.
As far as I know, the weightClass custom parameter does not have any influence on the actual weight of the font.

Does the Weight value happen to be the same for both masters?

I just found out the problem, the master light weight value was set to “0” and the custom value to “12”. I deleted the custom name and value and replaced the “0” with “12” for the light value. Strangely the 2.2 version doesn’t recognize this problem and still create the interpolations.
Thanks anyways

You should leave the ‘custom’ at 0 but put the 12 in the ‘Weight’ field. And put something in the ‘Weight’ field of the Bold master, too.

Exactly! thanks Georg