Interpolation Issue


Interpolation is not function as expected. Please check.

  1. Master compatible
  2. Path direction check in all masters
  3. node index also verified.

Perhaps, the interpolation is failing due to multiple concentric circles.

The heuristics fail probably in the different masters, different objects are the furthest to the left.

Try Filter > Fix Compatibility.

fix-> compatibility
what should I select?

sorry, I don’t understand. how to use this filter?

I found documentation in manual.
Let me try that first.

Thanks. It’s fixed.


Here is a different issue.

Filter->Fix Compatibility is not providing assistance

This looks like a wrong starting point. Have you read this:

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Resolved. Thanks.

I overlooked the first point. But, I thought the “Correct path direction” would it.

Nonetheless. I know to what to look for in these situations.