Interpolation Light & Thin

Hello everybody,

I’m working on a sans serif. I’ve finished the masters “regular” and “bold” and would like to interpolate “thin”,“light”,“medium” & “extra bold”. Everything looks ok except the “light” & “thin” get totally uneven. I would have to correct every single glyph (more than 400). Is this normal or am i doing something wrong?

I’m glad for every help,

You are extrapolating the Thin. And that will produce this results. The Regular and Bold masters have a different contrast and that is exaggerated by the extrapolation. There is not much that you can do. Extrapolation is only usable to a certain extend, something like 10% might still work and everything further away will produce problems like this.

Hi georg,

Thanks for the answer. So the "cleanest way to do it would be redraw the thin, do all the kernig and set as a master so i can get the inbetween steps pretty clean?

Yes. You can use the interpolated results and fix the issues and then add it as a third master.

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