Interpolation — Overlapping shapes and corner components

Hi! I’m working on this nice snowman, and he doesn’t seem to enjoy interpolation. I don’t know why, and both corner component masters are compatible. I’m a bit stuck!

Can you send me the file?

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I had a similar report two days ago. The incompatibility is caused by some loose corner components. I added code to actually show them. Will be in the next update.
for now, run this scrip with the snowman active in edit view:

for layer in Layer.parent.layers:
	badCorners = []
	for hint in layer.hints:
		if hint.originIndex() is None:
	for corner in badCorners:

Then select the left corner at the neck and press Command+X, then select the black node and paste.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate you guys taking the time to answer everything on the forum:)