Interpolation problem

hi, I have an issue with interpolation of instances of only one glyph (number eight), although all the paths are compatible (i.e. green) in both multiple masters, extra light and black.
I am trying to export five wights - and succeeded, besides that one glyph.
I’ve tried delete and move some points, however it is not helping.

Thank you for any idea, how to solve this.

Please send the .glyphs file to support at this domain. We will have a look.

I’m also testing some triangulations (2 extended + 1 condensed or the opposite) but the results are generally bad. I’ll be obliged to split all my masters to files and to create many ad-hoc 2-mastered files to interpolate specific instances (=painful)

Of course if we had, at Instance’s level, a Custom Parameter such as “ignore masters” : [master name1], [master name2] it would help very much :wink:

The triangular setups I tries where fine. Could you send a file or some screenshot?

Sure, I’ll send you by email

The problem is that you extrapolate quite a lot. The instances need to sit inside the area enclosed by the masters or only slightly next to it.

Thanx a lot, seems that I had a very basic problem - doubled points, that i haven’t notice. Deleting them, sovled the problem instantly :slight_smile: