Invalid token (text was "")

Every once in a while, when compiling features, I get the following error message:
Error: invalid token (text was “”)

Any suggestions as to how I track the offending glyph down?
(I have a feeling this is actually easy to track down, but the grey matter does’t seem to be up to the challenge.)

To me, this sounds like a bad glyph name or a typo in a feature (perhaps a missing semicolon). Can you send me your .glyphs file if this happens again? mekka at my username dot com.

I’m reviving this old topic as I’m running into the same MakeOTF error message: Error: invalid token (text was “”)

Only, it happens to me when exporting a font without OT features.
It points me to the feature file in the temp folder though: Feature file at line: 30
Line 30 would be in the naming table, but nothing strange that I can see there.

Any idea where else to look?

Trying spaces or invalid Unicode chars?

Location indication is imprecise in makeotf messages. It could very well be before, in line 29.

Could you send me the features.fea from the Temp folder? It would be good for debugging.

Thanks, I sent it to the support mail address.

I had a look at the .fea file. There is an invisible character in your style name:


Best to check is either in a plaintext editor like TextMate, SublimeText, Atom, BBEdit, TextWrangler, Smultron, etc., or you copy and paste the string in UnicodeChecker’s tool window (Cmd-2) in Split mode:


You can see there is a 7F (binary 1111111), the 7bit ASCII Delete character.

Thanks, that solved it!