Is Glyphs Mini 3 on the horizon?

Hello all -
Interested in jumping in, but trying to make the decision between Mini 2 and Glyphs 3 full. I’m an absolute beginner as I’ve had really only experience in using Fontself Maker via Illustrator which is pretty basic. I’m leaning Mini, but I wouldn’t want to get stuck having to pay to upgrade if it gets updated to 3 in the next year, and couldn’t find anything here or on the site about this.

Thanks in advance

There is no set date for an update. And we usually set a good grace period for free upgrade. But you should see if you need the features of the full app or not.

Got it, thanks.
I downloaded and burned through my trial by more than a year ago without trying it out seriously, but I’m trying Glyphs Mini through Setapp now for a bit to decide where I’m going.

Unless I’m missing something, some of the default key shortcuts for drawing are not working for me, for example, pressing return to convert a node to rounded. Having trouble finding anything about that in the manual and the forums. Any quick suggestions? If not I’ll make a new thread for it. Thanks!

Maybe this answers the question:

Got it. Definitely a shift from what I’m used to. Was expecting to take a corner and turn it into a smooth bezier curve with a button or keystroke.

I did end up going for Glyphs 3 due to what appeared to be poor draw performance as a rosetta app on my M1 Max 14", in the end.

Thanks for your answers.

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