Is it possible to interpolate fonts with round features?

I’m completely new to typeface design. I am a full time hand letterer so I design type all the time, just not full alphabets! I am designing a typeface that is really smooth, and I’m wondering if I ca interpolate it? From what I have read in the Glyphs blog, my understanding of interpolation is, you create a thin font, and a bold font, and interpolation can auto create widths in between. Correct?

But when I research it online, it seems the letters are made with nice crisp shapes, as opposed to the smoothness I have wherever a sharp point would normally be. That being said, I have textured versions of the fonts as well, which I doubt could be interpolated since that is something so organic, meaning tons of anchor points.

I had designed the different fonts before I had even heard about interpolation so the other route I could go is by each font of the typeface as it’s own master (regular, regular grunge, bold, bold grunge, plus the italic versions, plus the condensed versions, etc.) I have 24 different fonts in the typeface so maybe that is just way too many masters. Is that a good route to go? Like I said, since I am totally new to this so maybe what I’m asking should be done in a completely different way. Any tips would be helpful thanks!

Hi Nick,
Yes, interpolation is a way to automatically make a new weight/width/whatever by mixing multiple outlines. Outlines need to be point-compatible, which means that the number and the order of points have to be the same. As long as that is satisfied, you can interpolate any kind of design.

If you are talking about rounded corners, there is also a way to apply the round filter when you generate a font, using a thing called Custom Parameter. Rough Filter Is the same story.

Anyway, it’s all explained in the handbook. It’s not long. It’s a bit old, but very relevant to the current version. If you have more questions after that, I’m happy to answer.

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I appreciate the answer Tosche :slight_smile:

How did I not know about the handbook!? I will read that thanks!

(Started writing the answer before Tosche answered, but he beat me to it:)

Depending on your design, you can perhaps draw sharp masters, and have them rounded at export time with a Filter:RoundCorners custom parameter.

The problems with interpolating round shapes are the triplets (the nodes that need to stay in line), and a rounded font is going to have many of those. You can read about it here:

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