Is it possible to reset all the glyphs names?

i have some UFOs with custom glyphs names, how can i reset their names to Glyphs native names?

Yes, go to FileFont InfoOther and uncheck Use Custom Naming. Then, select all glyphs in Font View and run GlyphUpdate Glyph Info.

thank you. it works. but why not applied in features section?

It’s just the glyphs that are renamed. Feature code, metrics key, list filters, and everything else is kept as is.

Sometimes you want to rename some of those other values as well, but that is not trivial to implement.

seems disappointing for me. thanks

When you open a .ufo with “Keep glyph names from imported files” in Preferences > User Settings unchecked, the it will update the glyphs names and the features. You need to check if the .ufo was open in Glyphs before: remove everything that start with com.schriftgestaltung from the lib.plist.

this is a life saving trick! :ok_hand: