Is it possible to show character instead of glyph name in font panel view?


Is it possible to show character instead of glyph name in font panel view? (for example, ‘1’ instead of ‘one’, ‘2’ instead of ‘two’.)
If it’s not possible, how about adding this feature which works with custom file?

Thanks in advance!

I think @Bendy once wrote a plug-in that does that in Edit view.

And if you switch Font view to list mode, there is a character column.

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I’m thinking about doing that. The problem is that there are a lot glyph that do not have an unicode and thous can’t be represented by a single character (like or And there are also characters that can’t be distinguished by the shape (acute vs acutecomb) or are very small and can’t be really seen in the font size in font view.

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I got a Plugin in the work pipeline which shows the current glyph from other fonts

  • you will be able to set your own fonts
  • it recognises the glyphs script and uses the appropriate fonts
  • if it cannot find this particular glyph (e.g. “B.ss01”) in a shown font, it tries to go to default (“B”, or the unicode) and then signals that it’s fallbacking
  • you’ll see the basic font metrics (x-Height, Ascender, etc)
  • may more cool features


Thanks for your all replies.
I’ll try it with the reporter plugin that shows character at the origin point.

I think FontLab’s glyph caption can be a good solution which works with custom name file.

Mark’s plugin seems to be very powerful. It can be one of the ‘must have’ plugin!


I have thought about this. I can see that is more useful for some scripts then others. And more useful for some categories (like letters) then others (like marks).

I could even think of making it default in font grid view for some script/categories (like for ideographs). The info box in the right would still show the actual glyph name.