Is it possible to update multiple kerning values all at once?

For example, I set the left & right kerning value of Tbar, Tcaron and Tcedilla at (T), then I changed the left & right kerning value of T and I want to update all other glyphs kerning values just by one click, instead of clicking the update icon again and again.
Is it possible?

select all, then update metrics? Ctrl-Cmd-M

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OMG awesome! Thank you so much my friend!

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Please understand the difference between kerning and spacing. What you were trying to change was not the kerning, but the spacing.

Spacing is the setting of left and right side bearings. Kerning, usually late in the design process, is the adjustment of distances within glyph pairs where the side by side placement does not look ideal.

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btw, to make spacing the same in all, you can set spacing of the others to =T 03%20AM

You don’t need the β€œ=” if you just set a glyph name. Only if you add some formula or extra markup.