Is it possible to use .dlig and/or .clig suffixes instead of the .liga suffix in Glyphs Mini?


I’ve created some fonts in glyphs mini that were designed to automatically swap out identical, adjacent letters for a more handdrawn feel. And I got this working just fine using the .liga suffix (the exported fonts work fine in Affinity Designer, Pixelmator and other apps and if I type “oo” for example the o’s used are not identical - they are automatically replaced by one glyph that contains two o’s and that’s called o_o.liga in GlyphsMini)

so far so good. but now I wanted to sell the fonts on a certain font website that said that fonts created using GlyphsMini are fine and they do like the fonts and are willing to sell them, however they informed me that the .liga suffix was only for f-ligatures and that I should change it to .dlig, .clig or simply try no suffix at all (so just o_o for example)

tried all of them but when I export the fonts and try them in either Affinity Designer, Photos or Pixelmator this autoligature feature isn’t working at all. So my questions are:

  1. am I doing something wrong?
  2. is GlyphsMini only capable of using .liga and .sc (small caps work just as fine as the autoligatures using the .liga suffix) suffixes
  3. or are Affinity Designer, Affinity Photos or Pixelmator the culprit?


Glyphs Mini only supports .liga.

thanks for the info.

guess I’ll have to ask them to turn a blind eye, so I can still use the workaround…