Is it reasonable to use Glyphs as an all round vector editor?

Occasionally when producing svgs, I find that Illustrator simply lacks features that Glyphs has made me come to expect from a vector editing program. Could it be sensible to use Glyphs for this purpose? Should I make a new font and just open an arbitrary letter and edit from there? And are there ways to export a glyph to svg?

If I need to draw some shapes (not letters) I do it mostly in Glyphs.

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I’m also using Glyphs for drawing most things then just copy&paste everywhere.
I wish there’d be a dedicated space in the app to do drawing for this purpose. Something that’s detached from the default Glyphs workflow.

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For exporting to svg, should I copy the paths back to Illustrator and export from there?

Is it possible to copy and paste SVG data to html?

I am new to Affinity Designer, which might be Mac-only. It’s a recent vector-drawing program.

Way back when, I loved Macromedia Freehand, and I still miss it. Illustrator’s interface update from a few years ago bothered and sometimes mystified me, and then their subscription-based pricing drove me away as a customer. (Just my opinion, and not really on-topic, I realize.) My point being, Freehand was not always perfect, but it was, at least to me, easier to work with, along with Fontographer, for many things. It also had its limitations, so a modern vector-drawing app would benefit from a careful rethink of what designers / artists need, including font designers.

I wonder if the Glyphs App / Mini team would want to try writing a vector drawing program that includes SVG import/export open/save, which might be similar to Glyphs? Perhaps features in each program (app) might help the other. Just a thought, or a hope.