Is "metrics out of sync" exposed to the scripting API


I was looking if there is an equivalent to mastersCompatible that would indicate that metrics keys are out of sync, e.g. when we see in the UI as small yellow exclamation signs.


You can try layer.rightMetricsKeyState()
The return values:

GSMetricsKeysOutOfSync = 0,
GSMetricsKeysInSync = 1,
GSMetricsKeysInvalid = 2
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Actually, for this I get

‘GSLayer’ object has no attribute ‘rightMetricsKeyState’

but found there is:

layer.rightMetricsKeyIsInSync() — presumably that is what you meant?

I can get states 0 and 1 returned, but never 2 even when I enter a metrics key like =FOO and it turns yellow; what would trigger an invalid key?

I got “2” with an invalid metrics key.

Ah yes, nevermind, I must have had the wrong glyph’s output or something. Thanks