Is my kerning window working correctly?

I’m having some issues with the kerning window in Glyphs Mini (Version 1.5.7).

If you have a look here:

My understanding is that everything under @F should be the glyphs that are kerned with the @F group on the left. But everything after the first @A is completely unrelated to the @F group. This is the case with all the groups, and I can’t make sense of it at all! Am I misunderstanding how the kerning window works, or is something going wrong?

Also, you can see there are a lot of duplicates. the vT combination is present under @F 5 times (and a lot more in other groups).

It’s worth noting that all my kerning pairs work exactly as I intend… they just don’t show up as I expect in the kerning window.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

There is something more deeply wrong with the kerning data. This could be the cause of the malfunction. You have every kerning twice or more often. I see at least four @F-@A kernings. Have you tried the Clean Up function yet?

I have used clean up with no effect.

Out of all of the @As under @F only the first one actually brings up the @F-@A kerning pair (as you can see in my example) the others bring up pairs with @A on the right and unrelated groups on the left.

From what I can see, all my kerning pairs are intact and correct, just showing up in strange places in the kerning window!

Just to clarify—All of the kerning has been done manually in Glyphs, no importing of kerning data or anything like that. And all groups were set up before any kerning was done.

It seems it is the same issue I reported here: Kerning palette has gone berserk on El Capitan

It has been fixed on 2.2.

I’m working on an update for Glyphs Mini. That should fix this.

Ok, thanks for letting me know.