Is salt becoming a legacy feature?

Hi All

Since Illustrator can now access individual sets and Photoshop has its over-glyph OT menu (plus its ‘Stylistic Alternatives’ menu option switches on all individual sets), I’m wondering if I should add my various stylistic sets to salt for older software or not.

Adobe software doesn’t duplicate sets or anything?


I don’t see a lot of support for salt around–Word doesn’t have it, for example. Where it is supported (e.g. LibreOffice, browsers), it’s not clear how to access anything beyond the first glyph in a set (it’s possible for all I know, but not well publicized).

I’m still including salt, but trying to make things available another way as well.

Old AI versions are dying out slowly. So I would still keep it around. Also, if salt is properly listed in aalt, then InD’s OT alternate selection (the blue stripe) picks it up as well.

Thanks @psb6m and @mekkablue That’s very helpful.