Is signing a plugin in Xcode mandatory?

I’m currently experimenting with plugins. Catalina even does not let me install it as long as it is not signed. Is there a way around? Otherwise I have to buy an Apple Developer ID, without knowing if I will release the plugin.

With the latest cutting edge version, the plugin doesn’t need to be signed (or notarized). And when installing through the plugin manager didn’t need it from the beginning.

Thanks :slight_smile: This works, as long as it is installed by a double click and the plugin is not manually placed in the plugin folder.

The plugin manager is for working plugins; as it is not yet in that stage, I don’t bother others with it.

The notarisation is only needed for plugins that are downloaded from the internet (or send my mail). If you make your own plugin, you should be able to copy it. Or better, place an alias or symlink in the Plugins folder and keep the plugin in its proper place. If the plugin was downloaded before, let Glyphs install it once and then work on the installed plugin.